Frequently Asked Questions

100% NZ Owned & Operated

Q: Can you confirm your corn feed origin?

A: Our corn is GE free and locally grown

Q: What standards does Turk's comply with to ensure their Chicken is Free Range?

A: Turk's free-range operations comply fully with the provisions of the current Animal Welfare (Layer Hens) Code of Welfare 2005, and the Animal Welfare (Broiler Chickens: Fully Housed) Code of Welfare 2003, as well as the forthcoming Code of Welfare for Meat Chickens.

All our farms are independently audited by Asure Quality to ensure they meet the requirements of the New Zealand Animal Code of Welfare.

Q: How often are the birds given access to the outdoors?

A: Once chickens are fully feathered (at approximately the age of three weeks), they are given free access to the outdoors during daylight hours (unless the chickens welfare is at risk due to storms etc)

Q: What is the size of the outdoor area the chickens can access?

A: Free-range chickens at each of Turks' free-range farms have access to over 3,000 square metres of outdoor space, ample shade and shelter is provided.

Q: What quality testing is in place at Turk's?

A: Turk's meets and exceeds all quality testing and animal management standards and practices as specified in the existing and pending Codes of Welfare.

Q: Are any antibiotics or growth enhancing used?

A: At Turk's antibiotics are used strictly under veterinary supervision for the health and welfare of the birds. The use of growth enhancing hormones is banned by law in New Zealand, Turk's do not use hormones.

Q: Are meat chickens kept in cages?

A: No, Turk's do not raise any chickens in cages. Turk's Free range chickens have access to outdoor areas and Turk's is proud to comply fully with the provisions of the current Animal Welfare code to provide free range products to our consumers. Turk's other chickens are raised indoors in large barns.

Q: Do you distribute product to the Australian market?

A: Currently we only sell Turk's poultry in the North Island of New Zealand.

Q: Do you sell Free Range Eggs?

A: No, we do not supply eggs under the Turk's Corn Fed Free Range brand.

Q: Do you sell organic chicken?

A: No we do not sell organic chicken at this stage.